Glamour Bomb

public - created 04/11/04
"Glamour Bombing" a form of artistic and poetic terrorist that involves acts of random beauty, inspiration, joy, magic or wonder with the purpose to raise ambient levels of glamour in the environment, glamour being the unique magic of the fae.

A glamour bomb is any public act or work that aims to inspire genuine curiosity and childlike befuddlement, a change of thought process, belief in magic, belief in the fae, and/or a sense of wonder in the recipient.

Glamour bombing can involve anything you like and doesn't need expensive materials - leaving decorated notes "from the fae" amongst supermarket items or between the pages of library books, hanging seven-pointed elven stars in local trees, dressing in wings and the most bizarre outfit you can conjure up, or simple the message "believe in faeries" can all be glamour bombs.

Glamour bombing originated in 1997 from the realm of the Dark Fae and was primarily inspired by the ideas and work of Hakim Bey and others like him.

Some possible ways to glamour bomb:

a) Go into the center of your town/city during pre/post work/commuter rush hour or during the lunch hour armed with a couple of big bottles of bubble solution and blow rainbow bubbles over the self-absorbed worker drones.

b) Photocopy pamphlets or flyers for your Discordian cabal and place them under car windshield wipers or otherwise put them where people won't miss them. If you haven't got a Discordian cabal, start one.

c) Find yourself 7 poles or trees and weave an elven star with yarn. Hang trinkets on it and pile offerings or such things at each pole.

The two most important elements of glamour bombing:

1) Poetic Terrorism
2) Fae and the realm of faerie folk (Elven, Dryads, Satyr, Nymphs, Dragon, Vampire etc.)

Please keep both of these elements in mind when thinking about GB's.

Have you ever made a glamour bomb? Would you like to? Won't you tell us how it went? Share your stories, creations and ideas. Post words, post pictures, post whatever strikes your fancy.
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